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Welcome to Visendo Software Blog.

We are an internet technology company specialized in software products for telecommunications (Faxing and Unified Messaging) and email messaging, with more than 10 years of international experience. Visendo Software provides performant fax server and email security software solutions, fast time to market, low operating costs and environmental friendliness. Hence we truly believe that by implementing our messaging solutions, you implement a green and among the most innovative solutions on the market!

So, this is what we do: fax servers software with, fax over ip capabilities, virtualization, pop3 connectors, email gateways with antispam, anti-virus, anti-pishing...and much more.

Our main business segments reffer to:

We will be posting here about the faxing and emailing industry, about various gadgets and workarounds that can make your life easier when you are in front of a faxing or emailing related dilema. So take a look at our posts and feel free to comment and relate to our blog whenever you feel that our content helps you and your business grow.

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