3 cases where virtualization is too expensive

This is a joke, of course.  We are not talking about "pure" IT here. So, 1. Virtualization would mean: having a robot, driven by only one person that would do the job. Consequences: less physical effort for the soldiers => fat soldiers => weak armies. Normally this is a bad thing for... [Mehr]


Green faxing in the WEB 2.0 ERA

This article is about how green faxing embraces the web 2.0 era and how one can integrate green faxing into the web 2.0 solutions [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integrates with SharePoint

Visendo Fax Server users can now create fax documents in Microsoft Office and send them out as a fax, or save them to SharePoint with the added security of keeping the original fax document in a SharePoint library. [Mehr]


Virtualization - SAAS - Cloud Computing - SOA

I think this is a very nice synthesis regarding the 4 concepts. Next i would like to talk to you about security issues, benefits, optimization, resources in the 3 concepts. (Click on it to enlarge)


Integrating: green it + security improvements + costs savings

Do you care about energy savings when sending faxes or emails?Green technology is not only a trend. It is a realistic approach that can help you not only protect the envirnoment, but also save costs and improve your security issues. The now-a-days solutions go hand in hand.By installing an integrate... [Mehr]


Visendo 10 Announcement

We are announcing our new Visendo Software Suite - Visendo 10 The new features are based on new technologies and customer needs and express our team commitment, for high quality and reliable software solutions, to ensure an good return of investment for our customers, and for Green IT. Ev... [Mehr]