Innovation with Bayesian Filtering

Bayesian filtering is based on the principle that any event is dependent and that the probability of an event occurring in the future can be inferred from the history of occurrences of that event: history is always repeating. Bayesian spam filtering has become a popular mechanism to distinguish illegitimate spam email from legitimate email (sometimes called "ham"). [Mehr]


Visendo MCS internal test: great results at filtering SPAM

This is a shor presentation about the spam filtering results of Visendo Mail Checker Server [Mehr]


24 features that any reliable server side anti-spam solution should have

Software essential antispam features for small and medium business [Mehr]


Nice shot on how to integrate Visendo MailChecker Server with MS Office 2010

Visendo Mail Checker Server is a great antipishing, anti-SPAM, routing, email server. IT simply replaces MS Exchange for SMBs and it is way affordable. [Mehr]


How to install popConnect in less than 3 minutes

Installation of Visendo popConnect in less than 3 minutes [Mehr]


Spam and globalization go hand in hand

Let's not blame others for SPAMMING. Let's secure our emails simply by installing an anti-spamming tool. [Mehr]


popConnect 10 action: download, test, give us feedback and win a free Community Edition

popConnect 10 Action: download, test, give feedback and win a free Community Edition. [Mehr]


popConnect 10 - preparing the official market release

Visendo popConnect 10 is preparing for its stable version market release. New features, fixed bugs and more power. [Mehr]


Visendo Feedback & Customer experience

For the users that will send us feedback we have specific offers to reward their valuable contribution to Visendo products. ex. getting community editions for free or small business applications package for promotional price,and many others. english speaking users - [Mehr]